Use it, Don't Lose it. Organizing Pens, Pencils, and Markers

For those of us who are plagued with pen, pencil, and/or marker organization problems, here are three ways I use the NG Sensible Solutions Circle Tie System to organize my writing utensils into "stations" throughout the house.
 Solution 1: The Shopping List Station
I secured an old writing pad with some masking tape on the refrigerator and used a Circle Tie System to mount a pen or pencil next to it.


Now I have a pen and pad in a convenient place when jotting down my shopping list.

Solution 2: The Work Desk Station 
I mounted a blue pen, a black pen, a mechanical pencil, and a permanent marker to my computer monitors.


Here is a close up of the blue pen to give you some more detail:


Mounting these to my monitors allowed me to remove the pen/pencil holder from my desk which freed up more desk space. 

Solution 3:  The "Whiteboard" Station 
When I moved my workstation out to the garage, I found an extra screen door window.  Rather than store it somewhere or throw it away, I repurposed it as a “white board” for taking quick notes.


I mounted a black, blue, and red marker along the trim of the window with some Circle Tie Systems to give the markers a storage place on the “whiteboard”.  Here is a close up of the red and blue markers:


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