Setting Up a 4-player Super Nintendo Battlestation

We set up and organized a 4-player Super Nintendo Entertainment System battlestation in a garage.

The Problem

We were given an old tv and wanted to create a 4-player Super Nintendo battlestation on a workbench in a garage.


The Solution

We organized and mounted the cables/components for the Super Nintendo and television using our Cable Management System.  

Here are the components of the Cable Management System:


We mounted and organized the Super Nintendo controllers with our Game Controller System 

Here are the components of the Game Controller System:


Step 1:  Guide and Organize AV and Power Cables for SNES and Television

We guided the power and AV cables for the Super Nintendo along the back wall and side of the workbench.  We then incorporated the cables into the Circle Tie System we previously used to mount a power strip to a pegboard on a workbench.


Step 2: Mount Multi-Adapter and Conceal Cable

We mounted the multi-adapter to a leg of the workbench using a Holder and concealed the excess cable to the backside of the multi-adapter using a Circle Tie System.


Step 3:  Mount SNES Game Controllers and Organize their Cables

We decided to mount the Super Nintendo game controllers to the front of the workbench.  

We placed Anchor Circles on the back of the controller and on the bench where we wanted to mount the controller.

ng-sensible-solutions-anchor circles-on-snes-controller-and-mount-location-for-the-game-controller-system

Then we placed a Holder on the back of the SNES controller and placed it on the mount location.


We repeated this process for each controller and mounted them.  Then, we organized the cables for each controller to the workbench. ng-sensible-solutions-game-controller-system-mounting-snes-controller-to-work-bench-battlestation

To keep track of where to put each cable after playing, we labeled corresponding Circle Ties and Anchor Circles with the same number, letter, and colored pen.


Step 4:  Enjoy the 4-Player SNES Battlestation

First game up: WWF Raw.


Ready to organize your own battlestation?


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