Office Desk Cable Organization

We organized office cables on a desk.

We used an NG Sensible Solutions Circle Tie System for this build.
Here are the components of the NG Sensible Solutions Circle Tie System.  
The Problem
Office computer cables were hanging off/around a work desk, creating an eyesore and tripping hazard in an area frequently visited by clients.
Clients walk in the office and sit in the teal chair pictured at the bottom of the image.
The Solution
We organized the cables using an NG Sensible Solutions Circle Tie System in three steps.
Step 1
We secured and guided cables along the floor trim toward the desk.
We initially secured each cable individually, but you could combine them if you like.
We then secured both cables together along the rest of the floor trim.
For the transformer, we combined two Circle Ties together and wrapped them around the transformer.  We did this twice because the transformer was rather heavy. We put four anchor circles on the wall trim and mounted the transformer to the anchor circles.

Step 2 
We then secured the computer cables to the desk.
We left some slack in the mouse and keyboard cables so they would still be functional.

Next, we mounted the phone cables to the side of the desk and guided them along the back of the desk leg with the computer cables.


The keyboard cable was not long enough to guide with the other cables so it branches off.
We folded cables that were extra long onto themselves and wrapped them multiple times within the same Circle Tie System. 

Step 3
We secured a cell phone charger cable to the side of the Computer. The person that works at this desk charges their phone on top of their computer and the cable would fall on the ground and get run over by the office chair.

We organized cables for an office desk using an NG Sensible Solutions Circle Tie System.  Here is another before and after picture:
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