NG Sensible Solutions Remote Controller System Walk-Through


Welcome to the Walk-through for setting up the NG Sensible Solutions Remote Controller System!

In this walk-through, we will be setting up a Remote Controller System with four remotes and a hanger.  You may be setting up fewer remotes, but the same steps apply whether you have 2, 3, or 4 remotes.

Before you begin, be sure to clean and dry the surface of your remotes.  

Step 1: Line up Remotes

Line up your remotes from biggest to smallest.  Make sure each remote lines up with the remote controller unit:


 If you are using a hanger, make sure the hanger lines up with the bottom of your longest remote:


Step 2: Place Anchor Circles on Remotes

If possible, place four Anchor Circles on the back/side of each remote so that they are in line with the Remote Control Unit.  If you can not fit four anchor circles on your remotes (like the remote on the far right), put as many as you can.


Next, place two Anchor Circles in the middle of the remotes.  If you do not have the space on the remote for two anchor circles, place as many as you can.


If you are using a hanger, place Anchor Circles on the bottom of your longest remote.  If you have extra, you can place some on your second largest remote as well, but these are not necessary:


Avoid placing Anchor Circles on any "problem spots" like cracks, crevices, latches, buttons, auxiliary jacks, or any other special surfaces on your remotes.  If needed, you can always put them around "problem spots" like on the remotes below (green lines = "problem spots", white circles = outline of Anchor Circles):


 Step 3: Assembling the Remote Controller System

Place the Remote Control Unit on your largest remote.  Push down every other strap on each side to make them stick to the sides of the largest remote:


If you are using a hanger, place the hanger on the back of your largest remote (see video for more detailed explanation on how to fold hanger):


Place your second largest remote on top of the largest remote. 


Fold the remaining flaps onto your second largest remote:



(OPTIONAL) To reduce remote control wobble, pull the straps attached to your two remotes diagonally so that they form an angle: 


Place your third largest remote on one side of your remote controller system:


Place your fourth largest remote on the other side of your remote controller system:


Your Remote Controller System should now look something like this:


If you need more help or have other questions, leave a comment below, send us a Direct Message, or Contact Us!


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