Cable Setup for a Temporary Desk


I organized and tidied the cables at a temporary desk for a laptop workstation and a Playstation 4 battlestation. 

ng-sensible-solutions-revamped-before-and-after-photo-temporary-desk-project with background

The Problem

Cables under my temporary desk were getting tangled in my feet and were a hassle when it came time to clean the floor.

ng-sensible-solutions-before-photo-temporary-desk-project with background

The Solution

I used the NG Sensible Solutions Cable Management System to organize, tidy, and mount the cables and power strip under the table. 

Here are the components of the Cable Management System: cable-management-system

Step 1: Mount the Power Strip
To mount the power strip to the bottom of the desk, I placed:
          1. fifteen Anchor Circles on the bottom of the desk; 
          2. the holder to the fifteen Anchor Circles;
          3. ten Anchor Circles on the power strip;
          4.  the power strip to the Holder.    
ng-sensible-solutions-photo-collage-of-steps-for-mounting-power-strip with background
I chose a central location on the table so that I could power the Playstation and other accessories. 

Step 2: Guide the Power Strip Cable

I mounted and concealed the power strip cable to the underside of the table by guiding it down the backside of the metal legs using the Circle Tie System

ng-sensible-solutions-photo-collage-of-guiding-process-cable-management-system       ng-process with background

 Step 3: Guide the Television/Monitor Cables

I guided the television/monitor cables along the back of the television with the Circle Tie System.   

ng-sensible-solutions-backside-of-television-temporary-desk-project with background  

Step 4: Mount and conceal excess cables. 

I mounted excess portions of the cables to the wall/underside of the desk to conceal, consolidate, and prevent dangling using the Circle Tie System

ng-sensible-solutions-revamped-version-of-excess-cable with background


The cables are now off the ground thanks to the NG Sensible Solutions Cable Management System


I did it.

It's nice.

I like that.

ng-sensible-solutions-revamped-before-and-after-photo-temporary-desk-project with background


Are you ready to get your cables off the ground?  



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