Bringing Power to a Workbench

We mounted a surge protector and organized cables at a workbench with the NG Sensible Solutions Cable Management System.
The Problem
We needed to provide power to a workbench for a spotlight and some battery charger cables.
However, the only available outlet was on the ceiling above the garage door motor.

The Solution

We organized the cables and mounted the surge protector with our Cable Management System.

 Here are the components of the Cable Management System:


Step 1:  Guide and Mount an Extension Cord
We mounted an extension cord across the ceiling of the garage and stored the excess cable on a shelf.


Step 2:  Mount Surge Protector and Guide Excess Cable

We wanted to mount the surge protector high enough so we could still use it with a television on the workbench (we also set up a 4-player Super Nintendo battlestation on this workbench).

First, we put Anchor Circles on the peg board in the desired location.


Then we put Anchor Circles and a Holder on the surge protector.


We put Anchor Circles around the side of the surge protector and on the wood frame of the pegboard to bring more stability to the powerstrip when we use it and to increase the longevity of the Anchor Circles.

Then, we mounted the powerstrip and organized the excess cable around the pegboard with our Circle Tie System.


Step 3:  Guide Battery Charger Cables and Spotlight Electrical Cable

We used the Circle Tie System to guide the charger cables along the frame of the pegboard and then incorporated the spotlight electric cable into the existing Circle Tie System we used for the charger cables.


Step 4:  Have the Power

Electricity is now available at the workbench, thanks to the NG Sensible Solutions Cable Management System.



Ready to have the power?



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